Top 10 Amazing Indie Film Stars

Choosing a list of amazing independent film stars is a daunting task, but that is exactly what we have here. These stars may have been in a few major blockbusters, but where they truly shine is in their more intimate indie roles.

Zooey Deschanel
Zooey got her start in films such as Manic.

Paul Dano
Paul began in movies like L.I.E. and continues to star in indie films today.

Juno Temple
Indies like Jack and DianeRead more

Hollywood Stars Who Have Acted In Indie Films

Actors like Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are often viewed as Hollywood’s most wanted, but every big star had to start somewhere. Damon and Affleck wrote and starred in 1997′s “Good Will Hunting,” which unexpectedly turned them into the megastars they are today. Check out these other actors whose indie hits propelled them into Hollywood stardom.

Elizabeth Olsen in “Martha Marcy May Marlene”

As the sister of superstars Ashley and Mary Kate, Elizabeth Olsen was in the shadows until Read more

Are Indie Films Synonymous With ‘B’ Movies?

Are Indie Films Synonymous With ‘B’ Movies?

The terms “independent film” and “B movie” are definitely not synonymous. The independent film label has a specific meaning: It refers to any movie produced apart from – or mostly apart from – the major motion picture studios. In contrast, the ‘B’ label is more fluid; nowadays people don’t always mean the same thing when they call a movie a ‘B’ movie. Before television became a popular medium, a ‘B’ movie was the lower-budget genre Read more

Primer – A Challenging Look At Realistic Time-Travel

When you Buy Cheap Cable, you should always make sure you take a look at what is included. Movie channels are fine, but if you are starting to get tired of the same old song and dance when it comes to Hollywood, you ought to check out the world of indie films. One in particular is a truly remarkable piece of storytelling known throughout the world as Primer.

The plot of Primer involves a group of employees who, in their free time, are working on some invention. The specifics are left for you to infer, but you get the impression that they are experimenting with hover technology when they inadvertently create a time machine. From there, the film is a seemingly disjointed mish-mash of out-of-sequence action.

In truth, part of the reason Primer is so hard to follow is that it represents the human mind’s seeming inability to process the impossible – time travel. Events that are clearly happening out of sequence are hurled at you at breakneck speed, leaving you little time to peace it all together.

Make no mistake, Primer is more puzzle than movie and that may drive some people away. That’s why it’s an indie film. It’s a thinking man’s movie.

A Brief History Of Indie Films

The independent film industry began as a desire to avoid control by large corporations. In 1908, Thomas Edison created a film industry monopoly by combining several film companies, the film stock supplier Eastman Kodak, and the distribution company George Kleine. This new Motion Pictures Patent Company (MPPC), as it was called, controlled nearly every aspect of film making.

Not everyone in the film industry embraced the control. Those film makers who opposed the MPPC’s monopoly began making small budget films using equipment they made themselves. Edison sued these small filmmakers to discourage them from working outside the Read more

What Budgets Do Indie Films Typically Have?

If you are a burgeoning independent filmmaker, no doubt you have one question drilling into your mind: how much does all of this actually cost? More importantly, how much does it cost to do it right? Few industries have more overhead than filmmaking. Few industries come with more financial risk and, typically, more diminishing financial returns. So what budget does the typical indie film have?

The answer is the same you’d get from any used car salesman: how much do you have? Budgets for indie films vary widely. Last year’s action masterpiece “Drive” was around 15 Read more

How Are Indie Films Different From Mainstream Films?

As time goes on, no doubt the differences become less and less clear. If you are truly seeking films that are out of the norm-films that you can’t find on the Blockbuster shelf (if there are any left near you)–then indie film is where you want to be. However, there’s a huge gray area that defines the difference between an indie film and a big budget Hollywood film. So what’s the difference?

Let’s look at it as if you were a novel writer. Let’s say you’re a young, unpublished John Grisham.Confused? Read more

Top 10 Best Indie Films In The 1990s

The independent movie phenomenon became hit a peak in popularity in the 1990s, and this decade brought a plethora of indie films to the big screen. Among the indie films of the 90s are these top-rated films:

  • “Fargo” is an indie film by brothers Joel and Ethan Cohen that won an Academy award for its dark comedic screenplay.
  • “Pulp Fiction” is a masterpiece by Quentin Tarentino, who made this film just two years after his first indie hit “Reservoir Read more

Top 10 Best Indie Films In The 2000s

An “Indie Movie” is the film industry’s jargon for an independently produced film on a shoestring budget. Many themes of indie movies would not be considered by major studios in that they do not believe they have mass appeal. Controversial topics and experimental film techniques are part of the indie culture. An indie movie director and his team usually enjoy complete artistic control over the entire production. And everyone involved usually agrees to work for minimal union scale or for nothing at all, opting for a percentage of Read more

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